It’s Okay to Be “That” Mom

I’ve become that mom. I’ve resorted to bribing my son to sit in the buggy and not scream.

I can remember all the times I told myself I wouldn’t do it. Wouldn’t let them fall asleep with the TV. Wouldn’t skip baths. Wouldn’t let them run around with unbrushed teeth. Wouldn’t bribe them at Walmart. Slowly but surely I found myself eating my words.

I became “that” mom. And I was disappointed in myself. I felt like a failure, but this little boy has changed me and continues to everyday. There’s nothing quite like this little baby who struggles to communicate to teach me so much.

You see, life isn’t always easy for him. He struggles to talk at almost three years old. Walmart is horrible for him and we do what we have to to survive. The screaming can last the entire shopping trip. Spankings don’t phase him. He hardly sleeps, but he loves with his whole little heart. I know that it’s all going to be okay, and he is perfect the way God made him.

It’s okay to be “that” mom. It’s okay if all of Walmart stares at you. Maybe I needed to learn to be kinder to those around me. Maybe when we see “that” mom, we need to understand she is doing all she can to survive.

Im going to embrace being “that” mom!


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