Trust and Obey

Behold, to obey is better than sacrifice, and to heed than the fat of rams. 1 Samuel 15:22b

If you’ve been following my blog at all, you know several weeks ago I was under conviction to bake a pie for my neighbors. I tried to put it off for awhile, but I finally made the pie and trudged through the wet yard to take it to them. Then, they didn’t even answer!

Now, that’s been a couple of weeks ago, and this afternoon I just began to wonder why. Why in the world would God have me go through the trouble of making this pie, taking it next door, and then lugging it back home, with Thomas in tow, of course 😉? And if you know us at all, you know, we didn’t need that extra pie sitting around. So, I wondered why He would make me do all of that.


Sometimes God asks us to do things to simply test our obedience. In Genesis 22, God asked Abraham to do the unthinkable. He told him to sacrifice his only son, Isaac. I mean, only four chapters earlier in Genesis 18, God had promised this son. Now, He’s telling him to sacrifice this son of promise. But you see, God had a bigger plan. He wanted Abraham to obey.

Sometimes our simple act of obedience speaks volumes. God may be asking you to do something small, like in my case, or He may be asking you to do something huge, like in Abraham’s case. Trust me, no matter what He’s asking you to do, it is much better to obey.

Oh I know sometimes it’s so much easier to give a little extra in the offering plate or volunteer our time in the nursery, but if God isn’t asking you to do that, it’s all for naught. Maybe you’re volunteering in the nursery when He wants you to lead the women’s Bible study. You can’t outrun God. Read about Jonah if you don’t agree. He wants your obedience.

Won’t you trust and obey Him today?

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