The Chicken Sagas Update

Well it’s been a full week since we got the baby chickens. I am happy to report that all eight survived the weekend, and Olivia is now back in charge to my great relief.

The biggest change we’ve seen in our chickens is how much they’ve grown. They get bigger and bigger everyday and they’re starting to get feathers on their wings.

Check out those feathers!

Another thing that is unfortunate with our chickens is how much they poop! It’s everywhere y’all. They even walk through their feeder and poop. Thomas says all he can smell is chicken poop. Apparently the rest of us are now immune to it, which is a whole other problem.

Olivia is now changing newspapers and cleaning the floors daily. We’ll all be really glad when they’re outside. Thankfully it’ll only be a few more weeks.

Stay tuned for more chicken stories!

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