I Don’t Want Normal

We went to a drive-by birthday party today. The family was standing on the front lawn eagerly waiting their “guests”. Dozens of cars lined the street. Some had balloons and signs on their cars. Others had little kids hanging out of sunroofs and windows. Horns honked and gifts were passed through windows. The look on the faces of that family glowed with joy.

As we passed our present along and said our “Happy Birthday”, tears ran down my cheeks. Not at the sadness of the situation, though. Of course it would be great to all be together, eating cake, and watching our kids play. But I cried, instead, of what we had taken for granted and how we were all coming together for this family. In the normal everyday of our lives, I took gatherings like this for granted or more simply disliked them. I found every reason not to attend and rather sent a present later. But today was different.

Today I realized that I don’t want normal. I don’t want things to go back to the way they were before. I don’t want the hustle and bustle and busyness that we take for granted. I want to take time to put together puzzles with my kids and teach them a new game. I want to dance around the house to their favorite songs. I want to teach them to cook more.

Olivia with her finished cross painting

I’m not saying this quarantine is all fun and games. I’ve cried my fair share. Okay, probably lots more. My kids are never gone and we’ve butted heads more than once. And my husband, is also off work and today we argued about where he decided to hide the aforementioned present. We’ve all driven each other crazy to say the least. But we’ve connected more than ever. We’ve created movie night. We’ve done science experiments. We’ve stayed up until midnight playing games.

Witten working on his packet from school

We’re also learning a lot throughout all of this. Not just the fact that I can’t get bread to rise 🤦‍♀️. No, we’re learning family and friends are so important. We’re learning to bless people in simple ways. We’re learning that stressing ourselves over schoolwork isn’t going to help. It will be there tomorrow. We’re learning to enjoy one another more.

So, I don’t want normal back. I don’t want to take things for granted that I did before. I want to enjoy my life with my family instead of everything always being a chore. The mess will still be there in the morning. I’m choosing to enjoy this time while I can. It won’t last forever. I hope you’ll take the time to enjoy this time as well. ❤️

Ann Elizabeth working on her packet from school

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