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Why Kids Should Do Chores

I have always believed kids should do chores. My husband even jokes that that’s the reason we had kids 🤪. Of course, there is a limit. You have to find what works for your family. We have done chore charts. We’ve given allowance. However, we’ve found it works better to just have our kids help around the house as we need it. After all, that’s how life will go when they’re grown. So below, there are several reasons why I feel chores are so important.

1. Teaching Responsibility – If there’s anything our kids need to learn, it’s definitely responsibility. They need to learn that being apart of a family means doing your part. Everyone has a job, whether big or small.

2. Teaching Work Ethic – Kids need to learn at an early age that things don’t come for free. They need to learn to work hard for things.

3. Teaching How to Do the Chore – One of these days, our kids will grow up and leave home. They will then have their own house to take care of. If we teach them now, they will be better equipped for doing chores on their own.

There are so many ways our kids can help out. Even my two year old likes to help get the clothes out of the dryer. Just remember, they are learning. They won’t always be perfect, and that’s okay.

What are some reasons you think kids should have chores?

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