Does it Really Matter, Momma?

I stayed home from work today because my baby has been running fever. I cherish these days because all I really want to be is a stay at home mom.

Even though he wasn’t feeling well, I was excited about being home. I️ woke up with my husband and fixed breakfast for the kids. I took the girls to school, and I just knew today was going to be a productive day.

However, life never seems to go the way I plan. Even though Witten is feeling better, he’s still fussy. After trying to put him down for a nap, I finally let him sleep on me.

e perfection

I️ had to make my mind stop focusing on the laundry on the love seat, the mess in the floor, and the dishes in the sink. It didn't matter at that moment. All that mattered was the little boy in my arms that one day won't remember how many loads of laundry I️ did or the dishes I️ washed. He'll remember the love I️ gave him.

So yes, I’ve been “lazy” today because that’s what he needed. Does it really matter that my clothes aren’t folded? Does it really matter that there are toys in the floor? The answer is no because they will get picked up and the dishes will get washed. Clothes will be folded.

Sometimes, though, we have to remember that it’s okay to sit and hold our babies. They won’t be little long. Years pass in the blink of an eye, and I️ don’t want to miss my babies because I️ was too busy cleaning. The house will be clean again. Today I’m going to hold onto my babies a little longer.