Grandma’s Pancakes

Anytime you spent the night at my grandparents’ house, you were always guaranteed to get pancakes. My grandma makes the BEST pancakes EVER! They’re thin and buttery and melt in your mouth. Now that we’re all grown and my Granddaddy has passed away, we don’t get them very often. I have found a way to remedy this. I have perfected her recipe.

First, melt a stick of butter. I always use real salted butter. Trust me, margarine will not yield the same results. Then add 1/2 cup of sugar. Mix with whisk. Add 1 tsp vanilla. Add 2 1/2 cups of whole milk and mix. You will probably need to add more milk to thin your batter after adding dry ingredients. Remember, it should be a thin batter. Add one egg and mix. Add 2 cups self rising flour and mix. Be sure it is self rising flour. Remember, your batter should be thin and lumpy.

If you have a griddle, you can make a lot more at a time. I make them just like Grandma always did, in a small pan on the stove. Whichever you use, be sure to spray your pan or griddle with nonstick cooking spray. Once they bubble up all over, flip.

You will then have the perfect pancakes for your Saturday morning or even after playing outside on a snow day like my littles have done today.


Grandma’s Pancakes Recipe


1 stick butter

1/2 cup sugar

1 tsp vanilla

2 1/2 cups milk

1 egg

2 cups self rising flour


Melt butter and add sugar. Mix together. Add vanilla and milk and mix. Add egg and beat until egg is beaten well. Add flour and mix well, but the batter should still be lumpy. Heat griddle or pan. Spray with nonstick cooking spray before pouring batter out. Flip pancake when batter starts to bubble up.


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