Finding my Tribe

I sat tonight mindlessly scrolling through Facebook. I saw post after post of pictures of friends celebrating birthdays, families on vacation, and people genuinely seeming to live their best lives. It’s so easy to get caught up in the comparison game, especially on social media. I find myself with a lot of “I wish” statements. I say things like, “I wish my house was bigger.” “I wish we could go there on vacation.” “I wish I had a group of friends like that.”

Then I linger on that last one. I’ve always heard, “Find your tribe.” The problem is that my tribe seems to be lost or perhaps it’s me. I’ve always been that way though. I’ve never stuck with friends very long. It’s not that I didn’t have good intentions or that I didn’t like them, we always just grew apart. And I found that I always seemed to be the one who kept those relationships going. When I stopped trying, the friendships ended.

Now, I’m also not saying that I have no friends. I do have some great people in my life. People who love and care for me, just not those ugly cry in the middle of the night friends, if that even makes sense.

Then I realized I have found my tribe. The four other people who live in these four walls are my tribe. They are the people who have seen me ugly cry. They’re the people who know how to pull me out of my funk. They’re the people I trust the most in the whole world.

My tribe definitely looks different. They’re not everybody’s cup of tea, but I would choose them a million times over again. And it’s okay that my weekends aren’t full of parties and dinner dates. I’ll gladly be here on the couch with my babies. Now, excuse me while we finish Toy Story (for the 1700th time today!).

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